To England, With Love on Freevee

BH_Movies are ecstatic to announce that our first produced film, To England, With Love, is now available to stream across the globe on Amazon’s Freevee!

“If we don’t make a serious breakthrough very soon, I’d say our chance of solving this mystery by saturday is roughly zero.”

Join Ali and Matthew as they attempt to solve a generational mystery, finding love, connection, friendship… and hopefully a little precious gold along the way. 


For more information, view our portfolio page here.

acting That Stands out

Below are exclusive stills of To England, With Love’s incredibly talented cast. In order: Georgia Hirst, Sean Pogmore and Esther Toward, Tiffany Hannam-Daniels, Sarah Merrifield, Brian Bususu, group Tanya, Tiffany, and Georgia, Tanya Alexander, and Mark Freestone.