Before contacting us, be sure you have minimum draft one of a script and a treatment to compliment it.

02 Submit to BH_Movies

Once you're ready, use this page to submit your story to us. We read every treatment submitted.

03 From story to screen

We aim to reach out to you within a month. We cannot provide detailed feedback but will let you know if we would like to option the story.

what genres do you accept?

We accept feature length scripts of all genres but are currently prioritising Thrillers and Elevated Genre stories.

Are there any specific themes or topics you're interested in?

BH_Movies' aim is to make movies that matter and say something about the world we live in. Diversity and inclusion is very important to us, as well as humanitarianism and taking care of our environment for our future generations. LGBTQ+ inclusion is something we especially look for in our stories.

Do you accept submissions from international writers?

Short answer: Yes.


All scripts submitted must be written in English and preferably be set in the UK or a neutral location. 

What length should my script be?

We have a page count minimum of 80 pages.

What format should my script be in?

PDF or Final Draft files.

Can I submit multiple scripts?

Yes! Although if we have responded to you already and our decision hasn't changed, it is unlikely you will receive another response. 

Do you accept scripts that have been previously produced or optioned?

Yes! As long as there is a clear chain of title.

Do you provide feedback on submitted scripts?

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot provide detailed feedback. 

What should I do if my script has been revised after submission?

Wait until you hear back from us, unless it is a major story change. In this case, please resubmit. If the title has changed, please include a "previously titled ..." note.

Can I submit a script that is based on existing intellectual property (IP)?

If the IP is in the public domain, absolutely. If there has been permission already granted and there is a clear chain of title, yes. If the author of the IP has not yet been informed or permission has not been granted, no. 

Where do I submit?