Played & Betrayed – Tubi Original Out Now

In September 2023, BH_Movies collaborated with MarVista Entertainment to produce the Tubi Original, Played & Betrayed, which is available to stream exclusively on the Tubi platform from the 8th of February 2024!

“This whole thing was a set-up from the beginning. He wanted her dead and he used us so he had someone to take the fall for it!”

Lost love, jealousy, friendship, betrayal, murder… dare you keep up with this twisting tale of lies and lust?


For more information, view our portfolio page here.

acting That Stands out

Below are exclusive stills from Played & Betrayed’s incredibly talented cast. In order: Savannah Steyn, Asan N’jie, Solomon Israel, Adwoa Akoto, Nathan Clarke, Lola Wayne, Tiffany Hannam-Daniels, Amma-Afi Osei.